Problem with consistent sensor data logging

Greetings to y'all,

first of all: I'm sorry if there was already a similar post in the forum, but i didnt find it with the searches i took so please dont hate me for that.


So the problem I got is the following:

I'm programming an application for a tizen watch, which should be able to log sensor data over a long period of time ( at best a whole charged battery ).

The problem I'm facing right now is the fact, that the sensors seem to turn off quite random / the application is moved to background at random times.

This results in not logged data for random durations (from some seconds to an hour or more).

I already tried some things, although some of them don't seem to work at all like they should:
- efl_util_set_window_screen_mode(win,EFL_UTIL_SCREEN_MODE_ALWAYS_ON)
- device_power_request_lock(POWER_LOCK_DISPLAY, 0)
- sensor_listener_set_attribute_int(listener, SENSOR_ATTRIBUTE_PAUSE_POLICY, SENSOR_PAUSE_NONE)
- sensor_listener_set_option(listener_hrm, SENSOR_OPTION_ALWAYS_ON)

The screen, although it technically shouldnt (at least for my understanding of the options), still turns off after around 30 mins

The privileges of the app include "display" and  "power" so that should be fine as well, is it?

I'm not sure, where exactly my problem is located or how it can be fixed, but that is the question I'm hoping one of you can answer :)





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Paul L

Hi, did you try to set background category in the manifest?


I added the sensor tag to the background category.

Not sure if that's enough or what it even does :D