Package 2 services with one web application (Hybrid App)


I am working on an application for samsung gear(wearable), version 2.3.2. I am using one web application and 2 native services(Hybrid App).What I need is to packege all these three application together and when we launch the web application then the two services App, should also get launched. When we select these services, only one service gets selected and the only selected service gets launched with the web application. When we build the signed project, binaries of these both the services get created but at a time only one gets launched with the web app. The binaries get created at the location webApp->webApp.wgt->bin. My question is, is there any way available to launch both the services with one web app at the same time ?If yes, how that can be implemented ? I also tried to launch the service app by app control but seems not working. 



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Iqbal Hossain