Open source Tizen wear apps?

I'm trying to learn how to develop Tizen wearable apps and would like to reverse engineer some open source applications in order to learn. However, i cant find ANY. Does anyone know where i can find any? or failing that, where can i get more in depth information about how t develop apps? for example i want to develop a timer-like app but have no idea were to start.




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Drew Binsky

The official Tizen developer website contains a plethora of resources  and documentation to help you get started if you're interested in learning how to create Tizen wearable apps. 

Patricia Adams

The official Tizen Developer website ( provides a wealth of information, tutorials, bitlife and documentation for developing Tizen apps. It covers various aspects of app development, including getting started, UI design, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Charles Albers

This theme is great!


If you're looking for open-source Tizen wearable apps to study and learn from, you might find it challenging to find specific examples as the availability of open-source Tizen wearable apps may be limited Tampa power washing. However, there are resources available to help you learn Tizen app development and get started on creating your own apps.

Tizen Developer Website: The official Tizen Developer website ( is an excellent starting point. It provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, sample code, and development tools to help you understand the Tizen platform and develop apps for wearable devices.