Native wearable app with GUI running in background - NOT web app


I am new to Tizen app development. I'm currently developing an app (native in C) which is supposed to collect data from server via curl, let's say, every 5 minute. The app is supposed to display that collected data on the screen when turned on.


Is it possible to develop an app in C with GUI, which when minimalized (or put in the background) will be still "reading" data from the internet every 5 minute? The only solution I found os to develop a hybrid app (Web-app with service app) but I try to avoid using web app at every cost. Is it possible to create one native app which can do both - displaying data via GUI and running in background? Or is it possible to develop two connected native apps in C (one as a service and one as a GUI)?


Thank you in advance, Adrian.

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you can package native UI app and native service app into one TPK. (of cause using one manifest file)

good luck.

Paul L

1. You can create long running GUI app -

2. You can create and deploy in on .tpk file - service and gui app written in C/C++