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Hi,I am new in tizen os.I want to creat a media player application. I have some sample API code but I am facing some difficulties to merging them together. Please give me a suggestion.


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Nafisul Islam Kiron

Hi, welcome to Tizen development.

You can start by downloading the sample app template for music player from Tizen IDE.

Go to Tizen IDE > File > New > Project > Tizen > Tizen Native Project > Online Sample

There you will find GUI app template for mobile and wearable in UI section. This will give you a start with the player UI.


Then you can check this app for various media-related functionalities related to audio or video recording, playback, image capturing and processing.


If you try the samples and see the code implementations of the mentioned sample apps you will find the merging less difficult.

Best regards.


alan cubero

Set up your project: Create a new Tizen project in the Tizen Studio IDE Garten Of Banban 3 and choose the appropriate project template for your needs (e.g., "Basic UI Application"). This will give you a basic structure to work with.

Bekean Loinse

Once you have understood the sample API code, identify the key components required for your media player application. For example, you will need a user interface (UI) for your media player, playback controls, media playback logic, and audio output.

Robert Losey

I have the same issue. How to solve it?


Share some ideas to resolve this problem with less difficult.

Erin Childress

Great topic