make/gcc on tizen 2.3.1 emulator (~= build-essentials)


I'm trying to build tools from sources on the Tizen emulator (2.3.1), which I found in the SDK.

I can successfully access the shell and browse around, but unfortunately tizen does not seem to come with any of the build-essential tools that are typically availabe in linux distro. So I set about to install make, but it requires gcc, which itself required... gcc. Basically I'd need to go through GNU gcc "prerequisites" (easy to google around, sorry I can't link in post).

Is there an easier way? I noticed the there is an rpm binary under /bin, maybe that's the way to go....

Thanks a lot in advance!


PS: I may resort to cross-compilation in the future, but I'd like to build locally first


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daniel kim


Maybe you can refer to GBS in below link.

and I would suggets you to post your query to mailing list.


Anthony Cros

Thanks, I ended writing a post on the subject... Feel free to comment on it (here or on the post!) -> google "doublethinkco native build on tizen" if interested (sorry, not external links allowed)