Location error acessibility even if privilege/location activated

Hello everyone,

I am working an the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and I have generated on Tizen, the basic UI app with wearable 4.0.

my manifest:


my basicui.c :

#include <locations.h>
location_manager_h location_manager;
location_service_state_e location_service_state = LOCATIONS_SERVICE_DISABLED;


void location_state_cb(location_service_state_e state, void *user_data)
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"Location service enabled");
        double altitude, latitude, longitude, climb, direction, speed;
        double horizontal, vertical;
        location_accuracy_level_e level;
        time_t timestamp;
        int err = location_manager_get_location(location_manager, &altitude, &latitude, &longitude,
                                           &climb, &direction, &speed, &level,
                                           &horizontal, &vertical, &timestamp);
        if (err == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE)
            dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS data good");
            dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS data wrong");
        //handle error here
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"Location service disbaled");

void setup_location_manager()
    if (location_manager_create(LOCATIONS_METHOD_HYBRID, &location_manager) == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE)
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS created");  // being print

        // Setting callback for state change
        if(location_manager_set_service_state_changed_cb(location_manager, location_state_cb, NULL) == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE)
            dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS callback added"); // being print
        // Starting service
        if(location_manager_start(location_manager) == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE) // returning LOCATION_ERROR_ACCESSIBILITY_NOT_ALLOWED
            dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS started");
    else {
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS not created");

void destroy_location_service()

    if (location_manager_unset_service_state_changed_cb(location_manager) == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE)
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS unset cb error");
    // It is not necessary to call location_manager_stop() just before calling
    // location_manager_destroy because the service is stopped automatically
    // before destruction.
    if (location_manager_destroy(location_manager) == LOCATIONS_ERROR_NONE)
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG,"GPS destroyed");
        location_manager = NULL;


static bool
app_create(void *data)
    /* Hook to take necessary actions before main event loop starts
        Initialize UI resources and application's data
        If this function returns true, the main loop of application starts
        If this function returns false, the application is terminated */
    appdata_s *ad = data;
    return true;

static void
app_terminate(void *data)
    /* Release all resources. */

With this basic code, I am having troubles to get my location datas. As you see in the file attachment, there is a picture of logs, and it shows that the location manager start didn't work because the permissions. Can you tell me if I am missing something ?? Thanks you very much for your futur help.

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Sébastien Loux

So basically, I didn't know that the permissions on the watch need to be enable manually trought the app settings without any permissions code. After enabling it, it works. Have a good day.


I'm running into the same issue that you were, where even though I put the location privilege in the manifest XML file, I cannot start the location manager and it returns LOCATIONS_ERROR_ACCESSIBILITY_NOT_ALLOWED. Can you explain a little more what you did to fix it? I am not yet developing for a physical watch, but I'm trying to run it in the emulator. Also, unlike you, I am working on a service rather than a UI app so I don't know if that will change anything.