Hi !

I have a ListView with items of style LIST_ANNEX_STYLE_RADIO.

How is that possible that multiple items can be checked at the same time ? - this is RADIO list.

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Marco Buettner
No, RADIO only allows ONE item at the same time. U have to use LIST_ANNEX_STYLE_MARK
Hello, I know the answer.... people call it Tizen ;] More seriously... If you want one selectable option radio button list - handle it yourself... ListView::SetItemChecked will help you to set row checked and uncheck row that was last selected. You will not find anything like Android RadioGroup, unfortunately...
Robert Horne

In a ListView with items of style LIST_ANNEX_STYLE_RADIO, only one item should be checked at a time. This is the behavior of a radio button, which is the control used for this style of list item.

If multiple items are being checked at the same time, it could be due to a bug in the application code that is not properly handling the selection of items. You may want to review the code to ensure that the selection of items is being handled correctly and that only one item is being checked at a time.

Bekean Pinky

Check how you handle the state of each item in the ListView. In a radio-style list, the idea is that selecting one item automatically unselects any previously selected item. Make sure your code is managing the item states accordingly.