Invalid C++ compiler option in makefile

During development native application Tizen Studio generates which contains invalid C++ compiler option in line:

CPP_OPT := $(CPP_COMPILE_FLAGS) $(TC_COMPILER_MISC) $(RS_COMPILER_MISC) $(EXT_OP) --sysroot="$(SYSROOT)" -Werror-implicit-function-declaration $(M_OPT) $(USER_CPP_OPTS)

"-Werror-implicit-function-declaration" is not sutable for c++ compiler which raises some warnings like "cc1plus: warning: '-Werror=' argument '-Werror=implicit-function-declaration' is not valid for C++".

Tizen Studio version 5.5.

Edited by: Kostiantyn Chernenok on 26 Mar, 2024


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Norman Cheryl

Change the C++ compiler to suit the Tizen Studio connections game application. I think maybe it was an error during data entry. As far as I know, during the data entry process, an extra space or comma will also affect the result.