How to inject location via shell in Tizen wear emulator?

For testing gps location, I want to inject location on emulator. But the controll panel doesn't open along with emulator manager on updated Tizen studio.
So If there is any possibility of inejcting location via shell for testing purposes I need to know. Please show me any example of shell command to inject location.


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Oleg Malakhov

I know it's too late, but may be it will be usefull for the others.
I use Tizen Studio v. 4.1 and Control Panel manual Location injection works wrong. If I input lat, long, alt and accuracy and then press Inject location the inputted info changes for some reason.
There is a Table: CLI profile commands, but the syntax for SET command for location is wrong. It's needed to point altitude and accuracy besides latitude and longitude. So, go to Tizen Studio folder (like C:\tizen-studio\tools\emulator\bin), run ecp-cli.bat, enter with your coords: location set 53.407211 58.979186 370 10000. This works fine.

Best regards.