How to create a window projected into memory image

I’m looking for an example how to use ELM_WIN_INLINED_IMAGE or ELM_WIN_SOCKET_IMAGE ( to render something on an image surface and than use the raw surface image? With ELM_WIN_INLINED_IMAGE I don’t understand how to create a parent for the elm_win_add. It says the parent is required for this type. I suppose there should be a way to create an evas image, use it as a parent and then get the raw data from that image. WIth ELM_WIN_SOCKET_IMAGE I don’t understand how to get to the raw image data, where is it?
Actually, I need all that in a Tizen.NET app but there is complete lack of samples in this regards there as well so I hope to get and answer at least for Native API and then maybe to use interop.

Edited by: Alex K on 11 Nov, 2020