GS3: How to get alarm data from phone/alarm app

I need to get access to the phone's AlarmClock provider as in android: ( Any suggestions?







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André Reus

Hi bac

You can use accessory sdk to communicate with Android from S3 =>

Use the accessory SDK in android =>

You must pair your gear with android with Gear Manager app. 


Thx Andre,

I don't thik this is what I am looking for. It's very complicated, and doesn't achieve what I need.


To be more specific, I am trying to implement my own version of the Alarm widget that comes on the GearS3. There is a  sample Alarm widget that is part of the IDE, but that is just the GUI. I need the the code that actually fetches the alarm info from the connected phone's clock/alarm services(?) running on the phone. The link I provided above was how to do this in an android app,


Is the code for the (complete) Alarm widget available anywhere? Or something similar?


Thanks again,



André Reus

hi, for implementing schedule for alarm application, you can use Alarm api.

When the alarm is triggered on scheduled time, play the audio with/without vibration. 


I found this on github, which seems to be what I want. If so, then I think I really do need the info from your first reply. Sorry for the quick brush off.


NOTE: while I do know java and SQL quite well, I don't really know Android at all. So all of this - android and tizen - has become a real learning experience for me.


Thanks for your help.




PS: I was wondering if there are any c++ classes that might wrap alot of the SAP functions. It would be nice, since I am trying to develop something that I have in java.

André Reus

you are welcome