Glympse SDK crashing with segfault on glympse->start() (Tizen Wearable native)
We are trying to use the Glympse SDK in an app for Tizen Wearable native, on an Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE (standalone mode). However, the app crashes with a segmentation fault within the SDKs library upon glympse->start(). The Glympse support isn't responding to my inquiries and is practicaly non-existent.
Please, can anyone assist with this issue?
Or is there any other way to use Glympse? Glympse is a Samsung partner and its SDK is already integrated within Tizen and used by the Samsung SOS message function, after all. Maybe there is already some sort of SDK or interface within Tizen Wearable, to make use of the Glympse functionality? Or maybe there is a programmatic way to trigger a part of the SOS message function (pressing the (hardware) home button 3 times after it has been configured)?
Thanks a lot in advance!