Flutter-tizen playing mpd-Dash videos


I'm trying to read DASH videos with .mpd extension, i can play them just fine, but what I want is to actually be able to select which video quality i want to play, like i get to choose and not my depending on my network quality.

I've managed to get the manifest data of the mpd, and I've tried a lot of things with no success.

If you have any idea how to be able to select specefic quality from the manifest and feed it to some video player, or create a stream or something, i'd be glad to hear it.

Have a nice day.


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Hello, I think you should look for the <AdaptationSet> element(s) within the MPD manifest that represent the video tracks. Each <AdaptationSet> may have multiple <Representation> elements, each representing a different quality option. Extract the relevant information such as the URL and attributes of each representation.

Linda Valenzuela

I have the same problem.