Efficient Multithreading in Tizen Native Apps: Best Practices and Tips

I've been exploring the use of threads in Tizen native applications and I wanted to start a discussion on the best practices for efficient multithreading. As we know, threads can be a powerful way to improve the performance of our apps, especially when dealing with long-running operations or tasks that can take advantage of multiple CPU cores.

Here are a few points I've found useful:
•  Minimize thread creation and destruction: Creating and destroying threads can be expensive. It's often better to reuse threads, if possible.

•  Use thread pools: Thread pools manage a collection of worker threads that are ready to perform tasks, which can help reduce the overhead of creating threads for short tasks.

•  Synchronize access to shared resources: When multiple threads need to access the same resources, make sure to synchronize access to prevent race conditions.

•  Avoid blocking the main thread: Long operations should be offloaded to worker threads to keep the UI responsive.

I'd love to hear your experiences and tips on multithreading in Tizen native apps. What strategies do you use to ensure thread safety and performance? Any particular challenges you've faced? 

Looking forward to your insights and discussions!



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dum boveering

Thank you for the information you have shared. I will apply it in my work.