Develop an application for controlling USB devices
I want to develop an application for controlling USB devices, but it keeps failing when calling the "usb_host_device_open(usb_host_device_h dev);" API. After searching the documentation, I found that this API requires the application of platform privilege level. I would like to know if there are other ways for third-party applications to control USB devices.


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Theresa Spence
  1. Check Privilege Levels: As you mentioned, the usb_host_device_open() API requires the application to have appropriate platform privileges. Make sure your application has the necessary privileges declared in its manifest file. You may need to request permission from the user at runtime, depending on the platform's security policies. 

  2. Use System Services: Some platforms provide system services or daemons that handle USB device management. These services may offer APIs or interfaces that allow third-party applications to interact with USB devices indirectly. Check the platform documentation for information on available system services and their capabilities.