Communication between Tizen wearable and Android phone


I'm developing a native application for the Gear Fit 2 that needs to send accelerometer and gyroscope data to an app running on a connected Android phone for processing. I have managed to create a simple native Tizen app that displays sensor values on-screen, but what is the best way to communicate in real-time with a phone?

I'm new to Tizen development but have experience with other wearables.  On other wearable platforms I've worked with, there is an API specifically for real-time communication between watch and phone, but I haven't found one in the Tizen docs... does one exist?  Should I be using the Samsung Accessory SDK?  Or one of the Bluetooth APIs?





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Yasin Ali


Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP) enables Gear apps to communicate with Android apps.

You may try Samsung Accessory SDK to communicate between Tizen wearable and Android phone.

See this link:

Read from section "Native (Companion)"

  1.  Advanced Set up
  2.  Create a native app project
  3.  Use the Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP) API
  4.  Configuration
  5.  Interact with the application on the Android device
  6.  Build a simple UI
  7.  Run a native app
  8.  Use the Accerssory SDK in Android
  9.  Gear Emulator set up for testing companion type apps

Hope it will work for you.

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Emil Alipiev

can we achieve this using or xamarin as well? any idea?