Cannot build mobile flavor from CLI, wearable flavor build works

I am trying to build the sample mobile application "Text" (Sample/Mobile v3.0/C,C++/UI/(DALi) Text) from the command line. The result is empty build as follows:

>tizen build-native -a x86 -c llvm -C Debug -- .
Total time: 00:00:00.192

However, the CLI build of the sample wearable application "CairoShowText" (Sample/Wearable v3.0/C,C++/Graphics/Cairo Show Text) using the same command works.

Can anyone help what should be the command to build "Text" from CLI?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

As far as I've tried to build Tizen Native apps written in C++ (DALi), haven't meet any success yet. Even the C++ DALi template project 'BasiUIwithDALi' can't be successfully built using CLI and there's no CLI native-project template for C++ DALi.


In addition, I've faced same difficulty while building some samples. Most probably CLI build do not support such features yet, Hopefully in the upcoming releases.

Dmitri G

Thank you Armaan. I can successfully build BasicUI from the Tizen Studio, however am getting empty build when trying to build from the command line (similarly to your results with BasicUIWithDALi, BasicUIwithDALiWear, Text1).

I am using the same command as you:

tizen build-native -a x86 -c llvm -C Debug -- ~/workspace/BasicUI

I am suspecting that the reason may be that I don't have mobile rootstrap showing up in list rootstrap command, however am confused by the fact that I can still successfully build BasicUI from Tizen Studio.

Can you advise?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hi Dmitri,

Ya, this could be for lack of rootstrap, Cause the list on my system seems longer..

About the fact " I can still successfully build BasicUI from Tizen Studio" : Tizen Studio GUI IDE and CLI are two different entities.

Install necessary packages from Package Manager CLI.

Run <tizen-studio dir>/package-manager/package-manager-cli in Terminal and run required commands to install packages.


'Mark as answer' might help developers stuck at similar scenario, Thanks.

Dmitri G

Thanks Armaan, the following command helped me resolve the issue of empty mobile build

./package-manager-cli.bin install MOBILE-3.0-NativeAppDevelopment-CLI