can i take bitmap file of custom panel?

 Hi ! before i ask question i`m sorry about my awkward english.

my problem is take bitmap file of my cutomized panel that was contain layout and button.

i find method  Tizen::Ui::Control::GetCapturedBitmapN   but , that comment was

"Captures the composited scene of the Panel control"

i need bitmapfile of only panel not scene

how can i ??

thank u



after comment that same question consist of korean alphabet for korean.

안녕하세요 이번에 타이젠을 개발하려고 하는 한 사람입니다.

다름아니라 제가 임의로 만든 Panel 을 비트맵 파일로 만드려고 합니다.

일단 Tizen::Ui::Control::GetCapturedBitmapN    으로 찾은 메소드가 있긴 한데 문제가 종합적인 씬(Scene)을 비트맵으로 저장해버리지 

하나의 Panel 을 저장하는게 아닌것 같아서 이렇게 질문들 드립니다.

어떤 Control 이나 Component 요소만을 비트맵화 시킬수 있는 방법이 있는지 여쭈어보고 싶습니다.


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Alex Ashirov


Have you tried the method? Is there anything wrong? It looks like exactly what you are looking for.

정민 성

Thank u Alex.

i already tried that method...

but return bitmap file is my all screen image 

i want only extraction  bitmap file of panel or button or specific component



Alex Ashirov


On which object did you call the method? As far as I understand you need to call it on object which you want to capture, but not on its container object. Eg. call the method on the panel or button or specific component you want to capture.

Heathcote heathcotegeo

Which object did the method get called on? From what I can see, you must invoke it on the item you wish to capture, and not on the object that will hold it. To capture a panel, button, or other element, you may, for instance, invoke its method.