Build a librealsense2 SDK from Intel on Tizen OS
Hello, I have a request from my client to create a computer vision application that can run on Samsung TV with Tizen. The application will use a depth camera. I would use Intel realsense D400 cameras for it. My question is - is that possible to build a custom video device driver as described in the realsense build guide for Ubuntu but do it on Tizen TV? Thanks!


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Ihor Ihor
I see several strategies to address the task 1. I can try to cross-compile the realsense SDK combined with my computer vision app. I believe, it is possible to do this in Tizen Studio by selecting a c++ project. Then I can try to deploy the compiled app to the TV. But, according to my research, people say that the apps compiled in such a way run in a sandbox and can not really access the peripherals. 2. Additionally, I can try to open a terminal on the TV directly or via ssh and get the root access somehow. After that, it may be possible to shut down the default Samsung app loader and run my program directly on a bare Tizen. 3. The third option, as far as I can see, is to build a Tizen OS image with realsense SDK and my app on my host PC and then flash it on the TV. I am not sure if the Tizen OS for TVs is open source and if it is possible to flash a custom OS without tinkering with the TV's board. If somebody has experience with a similar topic or can share some insight about which option is doable or impossible, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Juanita Rivera

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Juanita Rivera

Building a custom video device driver for Intel RealSense cameras on Tizen TV might not be a straightforward process, as Tizen TV has specific requirements and limitations for hardware and driver support. Tizen TV primarily supports USB Human Interface Device (HID) and Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices, read more..

Kath Rose

I'm not sure if the Tizen OS for TVs is open source and if a custom OS can be flashed without modifying the TV's circuit board. If someone has knowledge of a related subject for professional foundation repair services or has any information about whether a particular alternative is feasible or not, it would be helpful.