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Hi, i am developing a Watch app that commnuicates with external devices using Bluttooth Low Energy(BLE).

Watch is a client, external devices is a server.


bt_gatt_client_create(remote_address, client);

bt_gatt_client_get_service(client, UUID, &svc);

bt_gatt_service_get_characteristic(svc, control_point_UUID, &write);

bt_gatt_set_value(control_point_UUID,  ...); // i send 5byte char character

bt_gatt_client_write_value(control_point_UUID, __bt_gatt_client_write_complete_cb, NULL);

// upper callback function
__bt_gatt_client_write_complete_cb(int result, bt_gatt_h gatt_handle, void *data)
    // the result is -9, 0xFD

In callback function(__bt_gatt_client_write_cmomplete_cb), i got a result which  assigned as -9.


It is hard to upload image...

log below..

bt-hal-gatt-client.c: __hal_bluetooth_internal_write_cb(1616) > write Characteristic dbus failed Error:[GDBus.Error:org.bluez.Error.Failed: Operation failed with ATT error: 0xfd]

bt-request-sender.c: __send_request_cb(449) > event_type[23], result= INTERNAL [0xfffffff7]


To solve the problem, i was looking for a solution and i found that trying to apply notification as true.

However, Tizen native api doesn't support that the client cannot set a status of server notification.


Today, I attempted to convert "bt_gatt_service_get_characteristic" to "bt_gatt_characteristic_create", but it was not working..

And i try to convert "bt_gatt_client_get_service" to "bt_gatt_service_create" and "bt_gatt_server_create"... 


How can i solve this problem?


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Junhak Lee

I added  "bt_gatt_client_set_characteristic_value_changed_cb" function behind "bt_gatt_client_write_value" call and the error was gone.

Peter Groft

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