Backgroud support life cycle

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to have a background app running 24/7 on a wearable device.

I tried to accomplish this with no luck.

What I need: App that gathers sensor's information periodically and send it to a server.

What I tried: UI + Service App. Manifest background category. Alarm API (recurring) every hour for the whole week.

So far, the App has been working for a few hours, but there's a point where the service code is not executed any more. I'm guessing the S.O is killing my process.

Is this even possible?

The device I'm using is an Active 2 Samsung watch.

Thanks in advance. Raúl

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Charles Albers

Wearable devices often have limited battery life and system resources. Constant background activity can drain the battery quickly and affect your device's performance. Therefore, it is essential to design your application in an efficient and optimized manner.

JohnC Thompson

The background support life cycle is very important for learners.

Johnny Huffman

The background support functionality is first developed and implemented by engineers and developers. This involves coding the logic to enable the system to perform necessary background tasks.

Will Saldana

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scene dingy

This website is a great place to find in-depth instructions on a variety of subjects. For students, the background support life cycle is crucial, helps me complete and develop my project.. To enable the system to carry out essential background operations, this entails coding the logic.

abraham haskins

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