Any documentation on preferred way to structure UI application?



Currently running into an issue where, if I pop too many circle objects onto a naviframe, they begin to no longer be able to receive rotary events the next time that they are popped onto the naviframe. I can prevent this by only having up to two circle objects popped onto the naviframe at a time, but this is rather limiting...


By looking at the source code for the settings menu, it looks like the 'views' of each settings sub-menu are created when they're pressed, and then destroyed when popped from the naviframe stack. Is this how things are supposed to be setup? Is creation of all Evas_Object's at the launch of a program the wrong approach? It seems like my application begins to lag the more I pop in/out of naviframes, despite all other objects being hidden.


If anyone has a source on some sort of guide, that'd be ideal. Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to redesign my app around dynamically creating the objects to be pushed onto the naviframe as they're displayed.