Ambilight for Samsung TV (Tizen)
Hey everyone, I wanna develop an app for my Samsung TV OS Tizen, which will be running on the background let call it "Deamon". So Deamon should do a screenshot every 3 milliseconds and send these screenshots to another server. A lifetime of Deamon should begin when TV is turn on and finish when it's turned off. The main idea to create an Ambilight for my Samsung tv but without all converters, HDMI splitters, etc. I just wanna send a screenshot to another server that will read the image and change the color on the strip. Can someone advise me where I can take a look, maybe some SDK feature or API for this? Maybe there is some remote streaming to another server by wireless. Also, this Deamon shouldn't load the Samsung CPU. So if someone knows how can I do it, please help me. I will try to develop it. Thanks!!