What is OBS Streaming?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, a free, open source live video production software that’s supported by a large community of developers from around the world. OBS Streaming can be used for live video production, live streaming and video recording. When you first download and install OBS, a setup wizard will ask you if you would like to optimize the software for recording or live streaming because it has the ability to mix together many different audio visual sources into a live video production environment. OBS also supports many plugins which can extend its functionality to include features such as NDI support, VST plugins and stream deck controls. Open Broadcaster Software offers many important features that will make your online broadcast stand out. With real time video and audio mixing and capturing and unlimited scenes to switch between using transitions that you can customize, you'll be able to create an incredibly dynamic stream with ease.


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Kashyapi Prajapati

OBS is slowly becoming one of the most popular platforms out there that is being used by a long list of people who are interested in anything related to videos. Well, you should know that OBS stands for Open Broadcast Software and this is one of those unique software solutions that is not only used for video broadcasting and live streaming but also for video recording. With videos becoming one of the most consumed types of content all around the world, there is no surprise in why this type of software solutions are becoming a new normal for everyone looking forward to editing and recording quality videos. 


You should know that one of the best things about this software solution apart from being desktop as a service is it allows you to capture different audio sources and then you can easily compile them in one place. This makes this one of the most used types of software solutions all around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a professional, you are surely going to love this software solution. And another good thing about this software solution is using it is a pie and you can do it without any hassle and issue. 


If you are looking forward to software that allows you to do all the things related to video editing and capturing then you should go with OBS without any second thoughts. There are many features in this high-quality and yet easy-to-use software that will make this a go-to software for your company whenever you will need to start using the power of video editing and capturing software. You can go through the simple guide of this software solution and then start using it without worrying about anything else and even your budget. 

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