Tizen development seems to be in a really bad state right now

I recently bought a Samsung Watch and as a developer who is a fan of C/C++ I thought it may be fun to try and use Tizen to develop some applications for my new device. There are so many issues with this platform right now that this has been pretty much impossible.

Firstly in order to test my IOS/Android apps in the past I have used an emulator as it is somewhat easier and faster than pushing apps to my phone. In the case of Tizen apps neither methods of testing apps have worked for me. Connecting my watch to my computer would throw an error which no resources online were able to solve. The emulator for some reason just doesn't work on AMD devices and tizen has a kernel panic whenever its booted on the emulator. I think after some fiddling I would have been able to get my watch connected properly but I really do not want to have to do this as it's quite annoying to have to connect my watch to wifi just to test my applications.

After running into this issue with the emulator I posted a critical bug on JIRA alerting the dev team that most of not all AMD systems can not run the emulator. I also want to add that this is with GPU and CPU virtulization disabled meaning that this bug could affect more systems than just AMD. After just under two weeks this bug has not been touched, as well as many others.

I thought maybe if I ran Tizen studio on Ubuntu it may allow me to develop on a virtual machine but unfortunately this is broken too as in 18.04 only OpenJDK 8 and 11 are available but from my testing Tizen Studio will not work with either. So much for being a supported OS. Oracle versions cannot be installed on this version too easily because of a change of licensing so I was going to have to load an alternative version of java.

At this point I had had enough of bugs and issues with Tizen studio. I am faced with either having to find an Intel machine to use or just give up.


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Slawek Kowalski

Confirm, entering Tizen development is very hard. Unfortunatelly, later on is not better.