Samsung Kiosk Km24A

Under which Tizen Profile does the Kiosk fit?
I'm trying to develop for Kiosk I would prefer to know if its a TV or a Mobile


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Samsung Tizen kiosk products use TV profile.

You can use the smart TV forum of the Samsung Developers site.

Alisha Curtis

The Tizen platform provides support for both TV and mobile profiles, and the specific profile that a kiosk application would fit under would depend on the type of kiosk device being used. If the kiosk device is a TV, it would typically use the Tizen TV profile, while if it is a mobile device, it would use the Tizen Mobile profile. The application development process, user interface design, and available APIs may differ between the two profiles, so it's important to choose the appropriate profile based on the requirements of the kiosk application. Geometry Dash Lite is a must-play game for anyone looking for a fun and challenging platformer experience. So why not give it a try today and see for yourself why so many people are hooked on this exciting game?

Basroal teela

You are free to make use of the Samsung Developers site's forum for smart TVs. 

wuns chtaria

You are free to utilize the smart TV forum on the Samsung Developers website.  

Ashley Arias

Thank you for providing the information about Samsung Tizen kiosk products and the smart TV forum on the Samsung Developers site. The Samsung Developers site is a valuable resource for developers working with Tizen-based devices, including smart TVs and kiosk products. By visiting the forum at, you can access a community of developers, ask questions, find solutions to common issues, and share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Brendon Oceguera

The Kiosk feature in Tizen is designed to cater to specific use cases where a dedicated, locked-down environment is required. The Kiosk feature is available in the Tizen wearable and Tizen TV profiles.

Ivan Long

 If you do not see your device there, please open the Device Manager in the Tizen Studio and connect to your TV.