Remote Device Manager Cannot Find Galaxy Watch 46mm (Debugging On)
I'm trying to connect my watch to my system through Remote Device Manager. However, Remote Device Manager cannot find the watch when scanned, and the watch cannot be found by manually specifying the IP Address. I've confirmed that Bluetooth is on, wifi is on and connected to the same SSID as the dev laptop, and debugging is enabled. I also confirmed the IP Address and can ping the watch from the dev laptop. I'm completely lost as to what I should try next. Any ideas? Thanks Justin
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Justin Emilio

I should also note that I've turned Bluetooth off and on and tested both scenarios. Still no luck.




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Justin Emilio

I wanted to update the thread for closure. I was able to eventually get remotely connected through the remote device manager. I did not do anything different, although it just started working the next day (Sigh...). However, I can confirm that Bluetooth was turned off while it started working.

sisir pynda

i face the same problem but no matter how many times I try the remote device manager cannot find my device ... i turned off Bluetooth and connected my laptop and device on the same mobile hotspot .....pls help


Alexa Mendoza

Thanks for sharing with us!