Porting to non-Raspberry SBC

I have been playing around a bit with the snapshot Raspberry Pi 3 builds and they seem to work quite well on my Raspberry Pi 3B+.

What I am wondering is, what would actually be involved in getting this working on similar (non Raspberry Pi) SBC, something like an Orange Pi PC or ODROID C1?

So far I have seen that there is a RPi specific libtdm-vc4 and libtbm-vc4 - and, of course, the kernel (are there any Tizen specific patches needed for the kernel?)

I seem to be able to replace libtdm-vc3 and libtbm-vc4 with libtdm-drm and libtbm-dumb even on the RPi and it still mostly works (except for missing mouse cursor and some graphics issues). So assuming there is a DRM driver in the kernel, I can just use those.

I guess I need to make sure that mesa supports the GPU and rebuild that (with Tizen specific patches).

Is there anything else that would need porting to get it working on a different SBC?


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Christof Meerwald

Actually managed to boot that image now on an Orange Pi PC by just compiling a suitable kernel (mainline 5.3) - even the GUI did come up, although no 3D acceleration yet as I haven't recompiled mesa. But looking quite promising already.