Platform previlige

Hai ,

In my application ,i want to use platform previlige like uimanager previlege 

Can we get platform previliges in our application if it possible how can i get it


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Hi Puvvada,

The application can have privileges to handle platform and user sensitive data.
Using below steps, can add the privileges to your application
1. Open the manifest.xml
2. Select the "Privileges" Tab
3. Add the privilege "Add-> select privilege "*ui" -> select ""
4. save the manifest.xml file

Please refer below pages for Privilege available and Details about Privileges

Hope above links will help you.
~Sanjana T S

P puvvada

Thanks for your reply

after adding previlige uimanager and running my project it is showing error like

Cannot install application.

Error message: Thrown when unauthorized privileges are detected. [partner] or [platform] signing is required.
Command: /usr/bin/pkgcmd -q -i -t tpk -p /opt/usr/apps/tmp/eAGP5ZqBMK-1.0.0-i386.tpk
Management: Check privilege strings in manifest editor > Privileges > Privileges.


Hi Puvvada,

Please check for "API and privilege violation" and let me know which API is giving error

1. "Select Project and right click" -> "Check For API and Privilege Violation"
2. In "Problems" Tab, can see the description about the API's

Please follow the thread :

~Sanjana T S

P puvvada

I have followed your link and i ckeck previlige violation ,it is showing platform level signing  and i created a certficate but still iam getting same error

Can we use platform previliges in our application

Plz guide me




Hi Puvvada,

    I tested SetZOrderGroup() API which has "platfrom level privilege" and require "" privilege.
    By adding uimanager privilege in manifest.xml, will not help to get the platform level privilege
    So I think, application cannot have platform privilege.
    Platform privileges are used in system APIs for managing the Tizen platform. These privileges are open only to a specific set of Tizen application developers.
~Sanjana T S


P puvvada

thanks for your reply

but i want to use platform previliges in our app is there any alternative way to use that

Marco Buettner

You can also use platform privilegs on your app... But note that your app can be installed on COMMERCIAL DEVICE, but only on emulator and developer device

More information you can find here:

Marco Buettner

Correction of my post above

It should be call "But note that your app CAN'T be...."

Janice Magallon

As a third-party developer, your application can only request and use the privileges that are explicitly defined and documented for third-party applications. These privileges are designed to provide access to specific features and resources while maintaining the security and integrity of the Tizen platform.

Cindy Dunn

Identify the specific platform privilege(s) your application needs. In this case, you mentioned the uimanager privilege.