Package Manager in 3.0 error in Windows 10 Pro

I had a running version of Tizen Studio 2.2 (upgraded). But allowing the package manager to update did serious damage to the data files and Studio lost pointers to all the data/project files.

I then tried to install 3.0, which failed. I've removed the old IDE and installed from scratch and the installer launches (with either user rights or admin rights), shows the small extraction screen, but the program terminates "normally" before it launches the first dialog screen on install.

I still have the 2.2 download and that installs correctly until the package manager tries to update the code, which fails on update. I've been watching this space to see if anyone has similar problems. It appears that the package manager is at fault here, and I suspect a permissions problem. I've launched it under visual studio debugger, but since there are no symbol files, I can't tell much about why it is erroring, because it does not throw an exception.

It just terminates normally after showing "the installation process is starting" in the small progress window. 









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Yasin Ali


I think it would be better if you check Prerequisites for the Tizen Studio

I think it would help.

Jerry Trowbridge

I had everything it required, but I had several JDKs installed (7, 8, & 11). I purged all the java from the computer and the environment variables and reinstalled the lastest JDK 8 (and the included JRE) (1.8.0_191-b12) and it now goes past the progress bar. I've done a lot of experimentation on this (on several computers) and normally Java problems bring up a dialog box that says the JAVA_HOME variable isn't set or it can't find JAVA. This condition is unique in that no error prompt appears. It just closes. 

Yasin Ali


Your problem seems around setting Java home.
Multiple JDK may cause problem I think. Check this link
to set up Java home:

Hope it will help.