Is Lua coming to Tizen?

I've just seen this article concerning EFL + LuaJIT :

Is it possible we'll be able to program for Tizen with Lua?

I think it would be wonderful to have Cinderella (Lua) as an alternative to the two ugly sisters (C++/JavaScript).



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Lua is nice but I never read any where that Tizen will have it. Tizen major focus is HTML5


Steve Wilson

EFL is the 'Native Display Layer' for Tizen.

On top of that this LuaJIT binding does seem to be linked to Samsung, the author is Daniel Kolesa who it appears from the EFL GIT repository is an employee of Samsung.

Then there was this comment from the phoronix website report:

"if your purpose is just to be as trendy as you can - sure - go js. if your purpose is to make the best possible thing, then no. luajit is far smaller than v8 by comparison (about 1/10th the size) and faster too. when you have tight constraints on small devices that have a few hundred mhz at best, and maybe 64m or less of ram... it matters.

also lua is far from esoteric or obscure.
an absolute mountain of game engines use lua."

That comment is by 'raster', who I guess is Carsten Haitzler of Samsung/Enlightenment as his nickname is listed as 'Rasterman' on the EFL GIT repository.

I've really got my fingers crossed developing with LuaJIT is on the Tizen roadmap.


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Nice. I was not aware of this. Recently Mono Tizen  1.0.0 was released... It seems Tizen org is trying to expand programming languages support due tothe lack of developers. So, lets hope Lua is coming too.


Steve Wilson

Have you ever seen the LÖVE game engine, Nour?

It's LuaJIT + SDL + a very nice, simple api. Games are distributed as *.love files, which are conceptually very similar to a *.wgt, i.e. a renamed zip file containing the game's scripts and resources which are run by the LÖVE engine.

Take a look to see how simple the api is: That would be great for the classroom as well as for indie developers, wouldn't it? Imo much easier to teach that to a beginner than either HTML5/JS or C/C++.

I think the ease with which games are created and the way they're packaged really lends itself to mobile apps.

I really hope Sammy's experimentation with LuaJIT takes root in Tizen so we can use tools like LÖVE in the not too distant future.

It looks interesting and very simple.

Philippe Coval

Check for oe , expect some lua binding to be generated for efl soon like efl++ see tdcsf14 presentation from raster


William Kelly

Thank you for a wonderful read! Your article on the subject really struck a chord with me.