Installing the package failed

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[Initializing the launch environment...]

    RDS: Off

    Target information: UA32N4310

    Application information: Id(3K73MlbfCs.XtreamNew), Package Name(3K73MlbfCs), Project Name(Bubuka)

[Transferring the package...]

    Transferred the package: wgt stream -> /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/Bubuka.wgt

[Installing the package...]

install 3K73MlbfCs.XtreamNew

package_path /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/Bubuka.wgt

was_install_app return WAS_TRUE

app_id[3K73MlbfCs.XtreamNew] install start

app_id[3K73MlbfCs.XtreamNew] download failed[116]

spend time for wascmd is [11]ms


    An exception occurred

(Installing the package... > Fail)

An exception occurred

Unexpected stop progress...

(4.913 sec)



Hi , can you guys help me to solve this problem ? i am unable to do it myself 


whenever i am running my app on samsung tv this happens.


thanks for your time.