Installing Headed Tizen on a Raspberry Pi 3

Do there exists any pre-built Headed Tizen images for the Raspberry Pi? I've been trying to follow the instructions for building an image from and am running into issues. I'm not quite sure where I made a mistakes as there a lot of steps, plus setting up the cross compiler, so on.  I was hoping that there was an image that I could just use so that I can move forward with my actual goal instead of spending so much effort on just trying to get an image up and running. 



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Joel Ivory Johnson

I made some headway.  I found the instructions for installing prebuilt images onto a card using the script But when I try running it against a 32 gig sd card or a 64-gig sd card the process always terminates with the same thing; "No Space left on device."


On the 64-gig memory device when I start off the following table prints out.

Start /dev/sdd1 format

Label          dev           size
boot		 /dev/sdd11	 64 MB
rootfs		 /dev/sdd12	 3072 MB
system-data	 /dev/sdd13	 512 MB
[Extend]	 /dev/sdd14
 user		 /dev/sdd15	 57351 MB
 modules	 /dev/sdd16	 20 MB
 ramdisk	 /dev/sdd17	 8 MB
 ramdisk-recovery	 /dev/sdd18	 12 MB
 inform	 /dev/sdd19	 8 MB
Remove partition table...

Then the script appears to move forward with creating that layout. Things appear to be going okay until the end.

[Fusing system-data.img]
umount: /dev/sdd13: not mounted.
141800+0 records in.8MiB/s] [=================>                ] 53% ETA 0:00:00
141800+0 records out
69.2MiB 0:00:01 [41.0MiB/s] [================================>] 100%            
72601600 bytes (73 MB, 69 MiB) copied, 1.69476 s, 42.8 MB/s
0+17870 records in
0+17870 records out
72601600 bytes (73 MB, 69 MiB) copied, 1.696 s, 42.8 MB/s
resize2fs 1.44.6 (5-Mar-2019)
The filesystem is already 17725 (4k) blocks long.  Nothing to do!

[Fusing user.img]
umount: /dev/sdd15: not mounted.
dd: error writing '/dev/sdd15': No space left on device
0+3437 records in
0+3436 records out
3768320 bytes (3.8 MB, 3.6 MiB) copied, 0.229427 s, 16.4 MB/s
3.64MiB 0:00:00 [15.6MiB/s] [>                                 ]  3%            
resize2fs 1.44.6 (5-Mar-2019)
Resizing the filesystem on /dev/sdd15 to 920 (4k) blocks.
resize2fs: Not enough space to build proposed filesystem while trying to resize /dev/sdd15
Please run 'e2fsck -fy /dev/sdd15' to fix the filesystem
after the aborted resize operation.

Any idea what's going on and how to fix this?

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Joel Ivory Johnson

Figured it out. 


I had earlier run a command with a typo that made a regular file in /dev/sdd. Because of it's presence some of the commands in the sd_fusing script were writing to that file instead of to the SD card. To resolve the problem I only had to delete the regular files so that the device files could be created.