Installed tizen 3.0, but I can not install the certificate

Help me please. Installed tizen 3.0, but I can not install the certificate. I click finish, it seems to be loading first, and then returns to point 2, the third point does not pass. When creating a certificate samsung error. Device Manager does not open. What should I do?



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George Weatherall

I am experiencing a similar problem. When I click Finish, Windows briefly opens a progress bar, showing that the author certificate is being created, but the progress bar window is quickly closed, and I am returned to the Step 3 page. Clicking Finish again repeats the process. I do not seem to be able to generate a Certificate Profile at all.

George Weatherall

I was able to successfully create a certificate by following the steps posted by Daniel Ramirez Guerrero in this thread:

For some reason, the process is failing while creating the Author certificate. If you install the Samsung Certificate extension from the Package Manager, and create a Samsung author certificate, you may use that author certificate in your Tizen certificate package, and the process will complete as expected.

Christof Meerwald

Looks like this has been addressed with the Tizen Studio 3.1 release - at least I can create a new author certificate, but I am not sure how I can re-use the existing key (as I believe that is important for updating existing apps).