The inner workings of the Activity Recognition API

Hi all,


I'm a Master Computer and I'm working on my master thesis at the moment. A part of my thesis involves the Activity Recognition API that Tizen offers.

I've already downloaded the SDK and experimented with the activity recognition API with my Samsumg Gear Fit 2, trying to let it recognize the different activities, such as walking, running and stationary movements.

I had two questions about the Activity Recognition API that I could not find in the documentation, and would help with my research:

1. This may seems as a stupid question, but to be sure, is it possible to register custom activities for the recognizer? I was thinking about cycling and cycling fast/slow.

2. This question is a bit more complex, but I was wondering if it was possible to see the source code for the Activity Recognition API. I would like to know how the data from the different sensors(I assume that not only the accelerometer is used to recognize the activity) is processed and used to identify the activity for my own research. Or, if the Activity Recognition API is based on a research paper, which paper would that be? I'm willing to sign any legal documents if that is needed.

Thanks in advance for reading my post and have a good day/evening/night/morning!