How to break PST files by year using the archive option for free

You may divide all sorts of files with the use of software that can Softaken split Outlook PST file. The site functions for free in the demo version, which I advise using if you have a lot of files because this version breaks certain files for free in the demo (trial) version. Microsoft Outlook is supported in all versions, including the trial version. For the comfort of the user, the program offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The ANSI and UNICODE file formats are also supported by the PST Break program. The sample version can also open a PST file without any restrictions; however, as I already explained, it can only open files up to a certain size. The PST file can be broken in the same way as the application's complete version: Choose the beginning and finishing years (2020 for the beginning and 2022 for the end). I'm done now. Now that the software is operating independently, it will take a few minutes for you to receive your huge PST file with multiple PST file types that are divided by year.




Edited by: Minseok Jang on 19 Sep, 2023