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Am developing a Galaxy Watch Active2 app. This advertises a custom Bluetooth Low Energy service. This is in addition to the advertising profile the watch has out of the box for pairing with a phone. I would like to know if it is possible to disable the out-of-the-box advertiser from within my app? The reason is that the additional profile is making my remote device connection slower and less predictable. Anyone knows how to do that?


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Adrian Gates

That macro is a leftover from early days so pay no attention to it.

There are two parts to making the sensor non-connectable:

  1. The advertising must be marked non-connectable (this was implemented in 2.0)
  2. If connection is made anyways, it should be immediately disconnected

For disconnecting when connected, you can subscribe to the /Comm/Ble/Peers and receive a notification every time that the connection is made. Then you can call DELETE on the connection resource (/Comm/Ble/Peers/).


However do notice that this affects all BLE connections and will make updating the sensor firmware much more difficult since you can't then set it to DFU mode without using the DFU recovery process (battery removal).





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