In app purchase - Gear/Galaxy Watch Designer

I know that this forum is not the correct place for this question. But I asked on Samsung developer forum and could not get any response.

Maybe someone here can help me.

I am trying to create a watchface with trial period on Galaxy Watch Designer.
I add the setting from "in app purchase" menu.
Selecting a time to expire (eg. 3 days) and item number as 1.

Then when publishing the app , I go to in-app-purchase and add an item with number "1" and title "unlimited version"

I think that must be it. Anything else required ?

When I submit the app for approval, it gets rejected and the reason is "can not be purchased"
Also, the approval team sends me a video file showing that it really can not be purchased.

what am I missing ?



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K Johnson

I guess, you're facing similar problem as described in below link:

Please go through the discussion that above link contains specially follow the steps arthur mentioned in his last reply. According to his statement it worked for him. Hope it'll come to help to you too.

Steven Brown

Thanks for the link I will follow the link hope it help