New in Tizen 2.3

Tizen 2.3 is optimized for small screen UX. Especially it is fit for WVGA resolutions, so some changes have been made related to viewing content in a small screen device.

Screen Structure

The layout structure primarily consists of the header and content areas. In a small screen, most application functions should be placed in the More menu. For more details, see UI Overview.


Figure: Application screen structure and the More menu



When showing a pop-up, the width of the popup fits the width of the screen in portrait mode. For seamless usage, the pop-up appears from the bottom center of the screen. In addition, toast pop-ups can be used to inform the user of simple notifications or changes in the current state. For more information, see Notifications.


Figure: Notification and toast pop-up


In addition to the major changes, there are the following changes in Tizen 2.3:

  • Header layout: The header string is center-aligned. If a button is needed, place it as an icon or text. For more information, see Header.
  • Controls: New control elements suitable for the Tizen 2.3 light theme have been added. For more information, see Asset Library.