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Seller Office is a bridge for developers like yourself, to connect to Tizen device users, enabling you to distribute and monetize your Applications.There are many areas of Seller Office to explore:


Add New Application & Applications: Here you can upload applications and check the publishing process

Financial Report: Preview your financial considerations for the coming month

Statistics: Check out who's been buying your applications, how many downloads you've had and how many sales you’ve made

Support: Ask your questions to the Seller Office Team here.Ask us anything!


You can find how to add new application to Tizen store in this guide.

Sign-up Tizen Store Seller Office (http://seller.tizenstore.com) and Enjoy 100% Revenue Share promotion.A world of Tizen device users are waiting for your applications!



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Check out Tizen Store for fun and convenient apps for your everyday life.
Tizen Store is a great place where you can find a convenient way to talk to your friends or enjoy exciting games as well as get useful information while you are on the move.
Visit Tizen Store if you are interested in popular or recent applications.
You can also find an application collection specially hand-picked by the Tizen Store team.