Development Unit Program

The Tizen project recognizes that certain development and testing is best done with physical hardware, particularly for application and platform development. We will periodically make hardware running Tizen available for third parties development.

Browse the list of available development units and "Apply" to be considered for a unit (Login required). We regret that not all applications can be fulfilled, as inventories are limited and will be reserved for the most qualified requesters.

Goal of the program

The goal of the community developer platform program is to make it easy to request hardware specifically for Tizen platform and application development. It is expected that requesters will make a material and substantial contribution to the Tizen platform and ecosystem if selected to receive a development unit.

In addition, hardware manufacturers can submit a request to distribute a development unit as part of the program. For more information, please contact Brian Warner (


The following criteria should be met before requesting a development unit:

  • Must not be employed by the company manufacturing the unit
  • Demonstrate a clear and compelling purpose for physical hardware that cannot be reasonably addressed using the Tizen SDK and emulation.
  • Agree to use the development unit for the purpose stated in your application.
  • Agree to publicly communicate about your experience with the hardware (e.g. blog, tweet, present, post on forum or mailing list, etc).
  • Comply with any vendor-specific requirements (may include shipping restrictions to certain countries, signing an NDA, or agreeing to return the unit at the end of a specified period).
  • Must agree to be responsible for any import taxes, fees, or other expenses related to receiving the unit.
  • Must provide a valid shipping address, phone number, email address, project name and project URL (the latter can point to any sort of web page describing the project, including a forum thread).
  • Must exhibit willingness to share unused development units.

Requesters should anticipate periodic inquiries on their progress with the development unit.

Selection Criteria

  • Intended use should be innovative, substantial and well-documented.
  • Intended use should be appropriate and practical for the type of hardware requested.
  • Past contributions to a relevant project may be part of the decision process. This information shall be kept confidential by the program team.
  • Prior receipt of a gifted or loaned development unit may be evaluated to ensure wider distribution.
  • Development units will not be provided for review or testing purposes.


Judges will be looking for truly novel yet practical applications for provided development units. Filling an obvious gap in the Tizen ecosystem will help your chances. We appreciate your understanding that there are a limited number of units and not all requests can be granted.

We also kindly ask that if/when you no longer need the unit, you transfer it to another Tizen community member or team who can use it.

On-line Application

Browse the list of available development units and "Apply" for the one of your choice. We will respond to your request at the end of the application period.