GPS on a PQ-device

  How can i test the app on a  PQ-device?

  I think tall request location is too long. 15-20 minutes on the balcony - I have  achieved nothing.
 Maybe you must get and put sim card in there. But i can not do it.

How can test GPS on PQ-device?
Does Gear 
GPS works only   with simcart (A-GPS)?


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daniel kim


You can get your GPS location onthe Gear S without simcard if you're connecting it on the phone.



Have you tested on RD-PQ device?

Make sure that you have installed GPS driver on device.

Kilim A


 how i can check out  GPS on RD-PQ device?

 I see in settings - GPS on.

Kilim A

I test Ref.Device-PQ.

 HOW i can check GPS driver?


Alex Dem

On M0 RD-PQ device we have achieved to check gps location without sim card. Check the driver like it was proposed above.

Kilim A


decided not to create a new topic

 My problem with GPS is going on - i flashed device in 2.3 and returned in 2.2.1- and google map and my app works on device

 But user location position is wrong in google and my location app on device

What can be reason of that?



Marco Buettner

The GPS position is hardcoded, so you can not use the correct position ... 

Kilim A

do you mean this is only for test device?

Ok, but how  i can test GPS?!...

Emulator doesn't want work even if i inject position in Control Panel

Marco Buettner

Yeah, on retail devices like Z1 it works perfect, but on RD-PQ and so on, you will have always the same gps position... everywhere... Did you try a injection on rd-pq?

Kilim A

No i try to test GPS-work on emulator ( see screenshoot above). I is injecting  the position ( marker) in Contr. Panel. Then i try  to watch location on app in Emul.  Nothing  is changed.

Simlator works fine

Marco Buettner

Simulator isn't a real testsuite ... It used your PC environment and has nothing to do with Tizen in my opinion... It is a short help for UI issues in my opinion, but not for real tests... 

Kilim A

Also want ask about test gps on  emulator

 If  device work - emulator doesn't want change position

 I can not give screenshoot - Mollom write to me abouut spam-filter