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Our team is looking for a developer to create e-learning for our private school. We want a tailor-made product based on the way we teach. So that's it. We are holding a competition and looking for contractors.

Perhaps someone has already encountered this. At the moment we are focusing on two companies 



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Jessica Bennett

The market demand for custom LMS solutions is increasing, and in this demanding market, you can find many service providers who make promises to create the perfect software. However, make sure to pick a leading service provider who has created their curated process for LMS development based on experience and expertise. Otherwise, the product will fail to meet the custom demands of the institute.


dave green


Looks interesting


Brack Nelson

e-learning solutions an integral part of educational and business processes. Finoit works as an effective e-learning & LMS software development company to offer simple yet interactive e-learning solutions. Through our persistent efforts, It desires of enthusiastic learners of gaining further heights in their respective educational fields. Mind Tool and Alison are two top companies in e-learning.