Repair BkF Files Swiftly

BKF files are backup files created by the Windows Backup Utility. Like other file formats, BKF files are also not free of corruption issues and frequently face corruption for various reasons. Hence, to repair BKF files, a prominent BKF recovery tool becomes a need for the users. And to answer this need of users, the Shoviv BKF Recovery tool comes with all the looked-for features. With this tool, you can add and repair BKF files of any size and in multiple numbers. Users also get a tree-structure preview of the recovered ones.

The software maintains the folder hierarchy and Meta properties and facilitates decompressing the compressed .bkf files. It also allows restoring the specific items from the recovered files. Shoviv BKF Recovery tool works for Windows, NT, and Symantec backups. Running this tool is very easy as it comes with a very user-friendly GUI. Use this tool to repair BKF files efficiently and effortlessly. A free trial version to satisfy the tool’s processing is also available to download.

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Jaxon Anthony

If you are working on a backup file, and the system suddenly shuts down, your file may get damaged, and the data get lost. In this situation, the Sysinfo BKF Recovery Tool is the best option to recover the BKF file. Furthermore, It restores all the information of the corrupt BKF file. Also, the novice can able to use this tool.