SDK/Simulator Fail and show the message in Win. 7

The same problem described in the link below is with us:

Does anyone know how to solve? Thanks!


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Pistle Potter
I was having a similar issue when trying to launch API 15 x86 in ubuntu running on an AMD phenom processor. The API 19 x86 was booting fine and API 12 arm was too. API 12 x86 is not available. I kept trying to boot the API 15 x86 and it would hang at the same goldfish_fb_pixel_format:....

My solution was to use API 15 arm (armeabi-v7a) rather than x86. It seems to be working now.

The problem could be my system configuration. I am on an older AMD chipset and the SSSE3 is not available. It may have been a bad system image download: I was having such a slow network connection downloading the API 15 x86 and, perhaps, it was somehow downloading in error? I doubt it.. but possible. When I downloaded the API 15 arm, it was nice and quick. In either case, I am content now that I have something to test API 15.

There are two places to delete downloaded images.

  1. ~/Android/system-images/android-<version>/default/<platform>
  2. ~/.android/avd/<the_avd_you_created>.avd

Make sure to delete both directories first and then restart the AVD manager, if you want to try re-downloading.