always show "Booting the kernal." on emulator.SDK 2.1


Booting form ROM

Descompressing linux... parsing ELF...done.

Booting the kernal.

in windows 2003 sp2 . emulator 2.1 cann't start.but in 2.0 it can be started , what's the hell?

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Lakshmi Grandhi
Would you follow the next steps and try to test it. 1. Start emulator. 2. Execute follow command on host shell after some time (SDB in guest should be launched). "$ [SDK_PATH]/tools/sdb root on" or just "$ sdb root on" on linux. 3. Run SDB shell. Click shell in emulator context menu. 4. Edit "/usr/lib/systemd/system/user-session@.service" file on guest (In the SDB shell). Modify "Type=notify" to "Type=oneshot". 5. Close SDB shell. 6. Restart emulator.
Arthur Taylor
Those instructions fixed the issue for me. Thanks!
Blue Shell
it works however the app can not start for known reason. but at least the emulator started. "$ [SDK_PATH]/tools/sdb root on" or just "$ sdb root on" on linux. I misunderstand the meaning. I think there are 2 methods only on linux. BTW , in win32 u should type $ [SDK_PATH] as %SDK_PATH%
Arnaud Dagnelies

I got the same issue.

However, step 2 already failed for me: "error: device not found"

Marco Buettner

Will the emulator show on the connection explorer?

Arnaud Dagnelies


Arnaud Dagnelies

nevermind ...I should try again.