How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12007

QuickBooks error code 12007 generally occurs when a system files are not configured correctly and it causes registry errors in your operating system. To solve the error follow the given steps here.



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Mark Wilson

This error usually affects your system because of a QuickBooks update timeout. Another reason could be if your QuickBooks account is blocked from gaining access to the server. While downloading payroll or QB updates, a user of QuickBooks accounting software may face error 12007. QuickBooks update error 12007 can be faced by a user when QuickBooks cannot connect to the internet. This may be due to problems with the browser, antivirus or firewall.


Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 12007
These are the reasons that cause QuickBooks Update Error 12007 to occur:

Your Internet Security or the firewall might be blocking QuickBooks’ to access the Server.
Your Network might have experienced a Time Out during QuickBooks Payroll Download request.
The settings of your SSL are wrong.
The Internet Browser that you are using is not supported by QuickBooks.
Dropped internet packets.
Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 12007
These are the steps that you must follow in order to get rid of the aforementioned error

Step 1: Fix the Internal QB Desktop Errors, Local Computer & Internet glitches.
First, try updating your computer system (Windows updates and tweaking).
Then, you must update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.
Run a checkup of the internet latency to see if there are any dropped internet packets.
Next, upgrade your internet explorer and set it as your default browser.
After that, you must rectify your SSL Settings.
Set up your Internet Firewall and Internet Security in such a way that it allows QuickBooks connections.
Finally, you will need to restart your computer and try updating once again.

Step 2: Modify your QuickBooks Payroll and Updates
Firstly, you must repeat all the steps mentioned above.
Then, unplug your Wireless router or Internet Switch. This might take a few moments to commence.
Next, turn on the Wireless router or Internet Switch and check the internet latency.
Now, you will need to open up QuickBooks and the company file.
After that, you will have to press the Ctrl+K Key on your keyboard.
A Window will appear after you’ve performed the previous step. Click on the Edit Option.
Finally, click to uncheck the Open Payroll Setup option to end the procedure.


I hope both these solutions will be helpful to resolve QuickBooks error 12007.

Mark Wilson

Jimmy Wick

What is QuickBooks error 12007?

This error takes place by QuickBooks Desktop when it is not being able to establish a connection with the Internet on your computer. QuickBooks Error Code 12007 mainly occurs as a result of general Internet connection failure. There can be other possible causes such as incorrectly configured system files.


Fixing Quickbooks Error 12007:-

Check Your Internet Explorer Configuration
- Click Gear icon on the top right corner of Internet Explorer and select Internet options from the drop-down menu.
- Go to the Connections tab and tap on LAN Settings.
- Check-mark the box next to Automatically Detect Settings and ensure that servers are blank while updating QuickBooks.
- Apply the changes and move to the Advanced tab.
- Now locate SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 and check-mark the respective boxes. Uncheck the box against Check for publisher’s certificate option.
- On the same tab, scroll down to verify that TLS 1.2 option is not checked. Also, make sure that the box next to TLS 1.1 is checked.


Reset QuickBooks Update Settings
- Restart the computer.
- Reset the QuickBooks updates and try to download an update.
- Make sure to launch the company file in single-user mode.
- Download the latest QuickBooks update and install it.


Hope these solutions solve your issue and were helpful.