Display Error

Not in compliance with the following Validation guidelines.

  • UI/UX
    - Menu, graphics and text must be clearly visible and work correctly.
    - Application should cover the entire screen of device.
    - Application should not contain overlapped or truncated text, graphic distortion, or any kinds of display errors.
    - Application should be displayed and work correctly regardless of screen orientation.

Defect Examples

  1. Application screen does not fit with device screen.
    - Defect: Application screen is smaller than device screen.
    - Defect: Application screen is bigger than device screen.
  2. Application shows display distortion or overlapping.
    - Defect: Application is terminated by force right after executing application.
    - Defect: Application is not opened and shows no response when user clicks icon.
    - Solution: Application should be executed successfully.
  3. Application fails to be terminated.

Self-check List

  • [Ⅱ-1] The size of apk file*4MB (multiplied by 4MB) must not exceed the internal memory of device.
  • [Ⅱ-2] Application must be installed for the targeted devices without any problems.
  • [Ⅱ-3] Application must be uninstalled as user expects.
  • [Ⅱ-4] Application should be executed without any problems.
  • [Ⅱ-5] Application must be closed without any problems by following options.
    - 5-1) Using the exit option in application
    - 5-2) Using the Task Manager
  • [Ⅵ-1] It should be possible to reinstall the deleted application on the device.
TIP to solve this issue: Developer can use the Samsung RTL (Remote Test Lab) to test and tune the application