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The Tizen SDK provides the following set of tools for native application development:

  • Application generation management tools

    Project Wizard

    This tool is used to create an application project.

  • Rule checking tools
    API and Privilege Checker

    This tool checks for API and privilege usage violations in the application code.

  • Editor tools
    Content Assist

    This tool allows you to write quick and efficient code.

    Manifest Text Editor

    This tool allows you to edit the application manifest.

    PO File Editor

    This tool is used to edit .po files.

  • Resource fallback tools
    Resource Manager

    This tool helps you to support specific device configurations, such as different screen densities and languages, in your applications.

  • UI building tools
    UI Builder

    This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design environment tool is used to create user interfaces.

  • UI editor tools

    This tool provides a useful theme editor.

  • Application running and testing tools
    Unit Test

    This tool is used to ensure that the application runs properly as intended in the source code.

  • Command line interface (CLI) tools
    Command Line Interface

    This tool set allows you to develop Tizen native applications without the Tizen IDE.

    You can also convert an IDE-created project into a CLI project.

  • Analysis and debugging tools
    Call Stack View

    This tool provides useful information for debugging application under crash situation.

    Static Analyzer

    This tool is used for source code analysis to finds bugs in Tizen applications.


    This memory profiling tool can be used to detect memory errors or memory leaks in an application.


    This tool allows you to detect and analyze performance issues.

Note: Some of the IDE tools and views are visible only in specific IDE perspectives. To switch to the applicable perspective, go to Window > Open Perspective > Other and select the perspective you want.

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